Welcome to the Town of Glasgow’s new webpage.  It is our hope that this page be used to communicate information to you as citizens as well as anyone else who may have interest in our community.  From time to time, we will be placing community announcements here to keep you better informed.  We will also use this forum to address issues that we face on a routine basis.

The Town of Glasgow is a great place to live. Our Police Department has been restructured and we are pleased with their performance.  Foot Patrols in all areas of the Town have increased awareness of our Officers as we hope to create a more comfortable bridging between the community and law enforcement.  Police Officers are under more scrutiny than ever and I am very proud of the professionalism our Police Department displays in the performance of their duties.  When we came into Office, we had a strong desire to make our Police Officers more visible and not be simply a face in a car.

Public Works has a steady flow of issues to address. We are pleased to inform you that as a result of the June flooding, the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) has reimbursed the Town of Glasgow approximately $45,000.00 for costs incurred by the Town.

There is so much work to be done and so much to learn. Each Department will have their own Section here so they can be more interactive with the community and provide information as quickly as possible.  Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of being your Mayor in these trying times.

Our population is rapidly changing as is the entire 21st Century world we live in   I think back occasionally on the much simpler life we enjoyed here in days gone by. While writing this I am reminded of a visit to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C as a 6th Grade Safety Patrol member from Cedar Grove Elementary School (Glasgow had a 4 room, 1st through 5th Grade School).  I found inscribed in the circular ceiling these words: “Never lose a friend over politics” and I hope to never have to say I have.  One thing every American should agree on is that we can be free to agree to disagree with one another in a civil, democratic way. That’s the way Jefferson, Madison and Jay, the primary framers of our Constitution, would have wanted it I do believe.

On behalf of the Town Council, the Recorder and myself, we look forward to facing our challenges head on. Feel free to contact me at your convenience by calling Town Hall at 304-595-1015. You can also contact me by cell phone at 304-437-0143 or email at Glasgowmayor@outlook.com.  However, emails that are without name or follow-up contact information will not be answered.

Rest assured I am, and shall remain,

Most sincerely yours,

Wayne Armstrong

Mayor, Town of Glasgow

President, Upper Kanawha Valley Mayor’s Association

Here are some images of some new equipment for a proposed bike patrol of town.

bike3  Bike2  Bike1