Public Works

The Public Works Department for the Town of Glasgow is responsible for a wide variety of activities.  These include water and sewage, all street related activities, buildings, construction, maintenance, refuse removal and compliance in these areas. They also perform many other maintenance & construction duties as the need arises.

The Public Works Department is currently comprised of:

  • 1 Full-Time Truck Driver
  • 2 Full-Time Maintenance Workers
  • 2 Full-Time Plant Operators
  • Part-Time Seasonal Workers as needed

Director of Public Works – John Qualls

Town Hall – 304-595-1015
Cellular – 304-415-6424
Emergency or weekends – 304-380-7858 (Cellular)
Mayor Wayne Armstrong – 304-437-0143 (Cellular)


Becky Fowler, Plant Operator


John Qualls, Director of Public Works


Kenneth Hudnall,  Maintenance Worker


Donald Carpenter, Truck Driver